selected works in collections and publications

2007  “Lotus Flower”  Stanford University

1998  “Mother and Son”   San Francisco private domestic violence shelters

1992  “South River Girl”   University of Vermont

1992  “Plum Blossom”   China Gallery, San Leandro, California

1992  “The Future of the Haven”   Commission for private collection, Hawaii

1990  “Flower and Girl”   Workers Daily Newspaper, Nanjing

1989  “The Tibet Girl”   Moshi, Sichuan, China

1989  “Mother and Son”   The Welfare Foundation of Youth, Jiangsu, China

1989  “The Travel of Dun Huang”   Jiangsu Academy of Painting, China

1987  “Lily”   Album produced by the Jiangsu Academy of Painting, China

1986  “March Third”   Zhongshan Magazine, Nanjing, China

1986  “The Moonlight”   The Collected Works Album of Jiangsu Academy of Painting, China

1982  “Mogan Mountain Flower”   Yu Hua Magazine, Nanjing, China