About janny Xiaoqin Huang

A native of Nanjing, China, Janny Xiaoqin Huang graduated from the Jiangsu Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting in 1982 and has been working in San Francisco as a professional painter and teacher since 1989. Huang is noted for her watercolor brushwork in figurative works, landscapes, and in the traditional category of "bird and flower painting" (Huãniâo huà 花鳥畫), which also includes fish and insects. 

After Huang moved to California with her four-year old daughter, Katy, she and her husband Joseph Yan, a graduate of San Francisco's Academy of Art University, established the Joseph Fine Art School, now known as Joseph & Janny's Art Studio. For over 25 years they have taught art to hundreds of students of all ages while Huang has continued to paint. 

Huang has exhibited her work both in California and internationally. Her paintings can be found in both private and public collections. 

In order to gain new knowledge, you must study the old. So I spend much of every day immersed in the images, poetry, and calligraphy of centuries of practitioners of my art, but nature has always been my best teacher. Through the simple means of color and ink, I strive to capture the tranquility that nature offers us, to evoke a sense of effortlessness, peace and harmony with the natural world.— Janny Xiaoqin Huang