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Matilija Poppies No. 2, 2008; ink and color on gold Japanese board, W: 10.5" H: 9.5"

Exquisite blooms

Janny Xiaoqin Huang's mentor, the internationally renowned artist and calligrapher Xiao Ping, recognized and honored Huang's "elegant works in her own graceful and immaculate style." As Ping explained, "Her art expresses the beauty and joy of life and is worthy of celebration." 

Chinese brush painting as practiced by Janny Xiaoqin Huang differs in many ways from Western watercolor practice. It stems from the love of Chinese calligraphy, which uses hand-ground black ink and specialized brushes used to obtain its distinctive effects. Colors include both translucent and opaque, mineral-based pigments. Huang mixes basic colors and white to achieve other desired colors, but ink contributes importantly. Ink is the root of the aesthetic. How colors are mixed and applied depends on the absorbency and preparation of the chosen paper or media, which varies from ultra-absorbent "rice" paper to prepared boards to silk. 

We invite you to explore the Galleries on this website to see what Xiao Ping described as the "beauty and joy of life" — original artworks and prints of exquisite blooms, as created by Janny Xiaoqin Huang. And should you be interested in keeping up with the latest news of this wonderful artist's career, please join her mailing list, below. Thank you.